Q: If you use attorneys as translators and editors, are you more expensive than other translation companies?  
  A: Our pricing is competitive and we actually save our clients considerable time and money over the course of most translation projects. Our documents are first translated by attorneys and then edited by separate attorneys for total quality assurance. This means our translations are right the first time -- so you can eliminate the added expense of attorney review on your end.

  Q: We have an 85-page Arabic document that needs translation. How can we send this to you?  
  A: If your documents are in electronic format or PDF, the simplest and fastest way is to e-mail them to info@attorneytranslation.com -- you can also fax them toll-free at (877) 603-3220. Of course, you can also send them by regular mail or delivery service to:

Attorney Translation Services
8 Richmond Drive
Old Greenwich, CT 06870

  Q: I have laboratory test results pertaining to a product liability case I'm working on. Can ATS do Japanese technical translations?  
  A: Yes, we have delivered thousands of pages of highly technical translations to our clients around the world in Japanese and many other languages. We only assign subject matter experts to these projects, so you can rely on the accuracy of our technical translations. As attorneys, we also have the added advantage of understanding how these technical documents may fit into the broader context of a legal case, which often is a benefit to you.


  Q: I'm leaving for Paris tomorrow morning and must have this nondisclosure agreement translated into French. Can you help me?  
  A: Yes, we routinely handle rush and expedited translations for clients overnight, during weekends and holidays. At the time of booking an assignment with ATS, we will discuss any applicable rush fees for your prior approval.


  Q: Our litigation support company is unfamiliar with the proper handling and coding of foreign language documents. What should we do?  
  A: We are not in the litigation document management business, but we do offer coding services on a time, or per document basis depending on your project requirements. We also advise clients on technical and other matters relating to the storage and access of foreign language materials. Frequently our clients turn to us to retrieve translated documents because they find it faster and simpler than going to their litigation support companies, which typically lack bilingual staff and the technical infrastructure to assist them.


  Q: My law firm needs a Chinese translator for a deposition in San Francisco next week. Do you provide these services?  
  A: Yes, we do. Our pre-screened legal interpreters are available in most major cities of the world, or prepared to travel to your location where and when you need them.


  Q: Do you offer translation certificates?  
  A: Yes, an official notarized ATS certification is provided upon request in both electronic and hardcopy formats.


  Q: Our law firm is preparing for a high profile litigation case against a foreign pharmaceutical company. We have boxes and boxes of discovery documents we cannot read. Can you help?  
  A: Yes, we have two options to assist you. We can review the documents at your location, or here at ATS depending on your requirements. This process can save you time and money because our legal professionals can work side-by-side with your lawyers to determine which documents are pertinent to your case. All too often, law firms needlessly translate entire batches of documents without instituting a rigorous screening and review process in advance, which can dramatically cut costs. As lawyers and linguists, we are qualified to help you determine which documents actually merit translation for your case.


  Q: We have received a letter of intent from a European firm that wants to buy our company. This matter is highly confidential and must be treated with the utmost care to prevent disclosure of this news.  
  A: One of the distinguishing factors about working with ATS is the degree of confidentiality protection we offer to our clients. In addition to nondisclosure agreements we execute with you, all of our legal translators are attorneys operating under their own professional code of ethics. This high standard further prevents unauthorized disclosure of confidential information so your information is secure. Many of our largest clients freely share highly sensitive matters with us because they know we can be trusted to protect their private information.


  Q: I have two paragraphs sent to me in an Italian e-mail that I cannot read. Will ATS translate this for me?  
  A: Our project minimum is $75 unless you are an established, active customer in which case we will do this assignment at our regular per word rate.


  Q: A Spanish speaking paralegal at our law firm translated a first draft of a business contract. Can you check to see if his work is accurate?  
  A: Yes, one of our bilingual attorneys can perform this verification work and edit the document as needed. For this type of assignment we charge on a time fee basis, which we can discuss with you in advance.


  Q: I offer Sarbanes-Oxley and other compliance counsel to a financial services company. Because of reporting requirements, they have to translate financial documents on a quarterly basis. Could you help us set up a system to manage these translations for their global operations under one service agreement?  
  A: Yes, with a single point of contact we can handle all of your scheduled periodic translation requirements. We will only assign individuals knowledgeable in this particular field so you can be confident that the translations will be accurate, timely and on budget.


  Q: ATS translated a German language legal brief for us a few weeks ago. We were wondering if your translators could offer us guidance and opinions on how to best formulate an effective defense strategy for our client. Do you provide these services?  
  A: No, we are not engaged in the practice of law and we cannot offer legal advice or opinions. Although our legal translators are attorneys, we only provide translation and interpretation services. We can, however, provide names and references of firms and individuals unrelated to ATS that may be able to assist you with your legal questions.


  Q: Our firm is responding to a class-action litigation matter that involves a significant volume of Spanish-language documents. For logistical and document control purposes, we have decided to manage the translation process at our location. Will your translators be able to assist us in this capacity?  
  A: Yes, absolutely. We can manage your translation requirements either at your location or ours. Our professionals are experienced in setting up and managing large-scale translation operations.


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