Practice Areas Language Industry
Contracts - C, F
Corporate - H
Fraud - H
Intellectual Property - B, E, G
Litigation - A, E, I
Patent - B
Personal Property - F
Real Estate - D
Securities - H
Transactional - C, F
Chinese (Mandarin) - A
Chinese (Simplified) - F
German - B, E
Italian - D
Japanese - A, I
Korean - A
Spanish - G
Vietnamese - C
Chemical - B
Education - G
Electronics - A, C
Finance - H
Furniture - F
Not-for-profit - E
Pharmaceuticals - B
Publishing - E, G
Retailing - D, F
Semiconductors - A, C

A. Litigation - Translating Lawsuit Discovery Documents - Electronics

Languages - Korean, Chinese (Mandarin) and Japanese

A leading New York City law firm requested translation of a complex legal document with text in Korean, Chinese and Japanese - the most challenging of some 30,000 pages of legal and technical discovery documents held by the firm for the litigation matter in question. When the document was delivered the next day, a multilingual attorney at the client firm commented that the ATS translation was "flawless" and expressed the view that ATS is the only translation firm whose work can be relied on without having to be reviewed for errors.

B. Patent - IP Translation - Chemical

Language - German

A U.S. pharmaceutical company contacted ATS with a German patent for translation into English. The subject of the patent required highly specialized knowledge in the narrow field of alkaloid chemistry. We were able to assign the project to a translator who has spent his research career as a chemist in this precise field and is familiar with the work of the original patent authors in Germany. At ATS we are able to draw upon our extensive global network of translators to match project with translators experts not only in the required languages, but in the subject matter of the documents, resulting in unmatched accuracy and precision.

C. Contract Litigation - Exhibit Translation - Semiconductor Manufacturing

Language - Vietnamese

An American law firm engaged in a multinational litigation case sent ATS a Vietnamese technical document relating to a manufacturing process developed in a third country. This document would have been unusually challenging in any circumstance because few qualified translators understand this technology. In this particular case, our translator spent 20 years as an engineer in this field working for a leading American producer of this same product line. He was able to render an accurate translation because as a native Vietnamese speaker he not only knew the language, but was also extremely familiar with the manufacturing process in question.

D. Real Estate - Commercial Property Sale Documents - Retailing

Language - Italian

A U.S.-based attorney with a client in Italy sent us closing documents for a large commercial property near Rome. Our client was concerned that the original translation supplied by opposing counsel was less than complete. Her instincts were right. We discovered that important sections of the closing documents were omitted or had been mistranslated by someone clearly lacking legal experience. Our attorney translator was able to make the corrections and save the law firm's client from entering into a seriously flawed real estate transaction.

E. Litigation - Court Opinion - Publishing

Language - German

An attorney representing one of the world's largest non-profit institutions - with chapters in over 150 nations - called on ATS to translate German court documents in an intellectual property infringement case. This 40-page document had originally been poorly translated by a well-known generalist translation firm and our client reported that it was "unintelligible and nonsensical as a legal document." When the client read our bilingual attorney translator's accurate translation, he discovered that the German court document actually contained a large monetary judgment in his organization's favor, including criminal penalties for the infringer - holdings which had been missing from the first translation.

F. Personal Property - Purchase Contract - Furniture

Language - Chinese (Simplified)

One of the largest and oldest law firms in Chicago had an emergency. The firm's principal retailing client needed a purchase contract translated in less than 24 hours from English into simplified Chinese. Our team of attorneys translated the complicated 22-page agreement, which was then edited by a separate ATS attorney translator-editor in time for the unexpected arrival of the Chinese exporter. The Chinese exporter reviewed the agreement and since the contract read smoothly and was written in a style he was accustomed to he signed this major agreement at the meeting.

G. Intellectual Property - Publishing - Law Books and Newsletters

Language - Spanish

A pioneering New York-based publisher of legal manuals and newsletters has turned to ATS to help them to meet the demands of their rapidly growing base of Spanish-speaking customers. As the firm's preferred translator, ATS is helping them to re-purpose their existing English-language intellectual property while at the same time creating entirely new content directed at their Spanish readership. Further expansion into other languages is currently under study.

H. Financial Services - Securities Fraud Investigation - Accounting Documents

Language - [Confidential]

A leading Los Angeles law firm engaged ATS to provide "gist" translation of documents relating to a large-scale fraud investigation of a major U.S. accounting firm's European subsidiary. The highly confidential nature of the work demanded on-location translators who were accustomed to the special precautions that had to be taken to insure complete protection of all information. ATS saved this client valuable time and money by providing attorney translators who worked side-by side with the litigation attorneys to help determine which discovery documents were relevant to the case.

I. Litigation - Discovery Support - Emergency Translation

Language - Japanese

A litigation partner at a leading Manhattan law firm contacted ATS with an urgent request for translation of a 5-page Japanese document that the other side was insisting be signed before negotiations could continue. The client gave us a three-hour deadline and insisted that for confidentiality reasons, only an attorney could be permitted to work on this material. ATS was able to beat the three-hour deadline, having the document translated by an attorney and proofread by two other attorneys.

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