Global Law Firm Award - French  


Winner: Hughes Hubbard & Reed

Hughes Hubbard & Reed's French website is an excellent example of the tactical use of a foreign language website. The French version, along with Spanish and Chinese is available from every page of the website with easy to find links prominently displayed in the top right corner of each page. Our judges gave high marks to Hughes Hubbard because they offer a dynamic site that is visually one of the most attractive we reviewed in all language categories. Although it could use some updated content, we particularly liked that when you click on the "Actualité/Evènements" button, readers are offered the full translation of news articles, not just the headline which is common on many law firm websites.

Our translator reviewers also gave this site an excellent rating for its concise and instructive content written for the discerning eye. We were pleased with the way the search engine returns results in French. Our judges liked that by clicking on the "Avocats" button, visitors are given a directory of attorneys in the Paris office and not the entire law firm which is usually the case on most other websites. The result is a strong mini-site within the main English website that focuses on Hughes Hubbard's Paris office.

Now you could argue that Hughes Hubbard should have translated the entire English version, which would be nice if for example a French general counsel is looking for a U.S. antitrust expert based in New York. Still, Hughes Hubbard wins the French Global Law Firm Award because everything works so well and provides the French viewer with a feeling of confidence about their practice capabilities.

Hughes Hubbard also receives honorable for their similarly high-quality Spanish and Japanese versions.


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