Global Law Firm Award - Chinese  


Winner: Morrison & Foerster

Morrison & Forester, winner of our 2005 Chinese language law firm award, scored high marks for its innovative, high-impact website. Unlike most competitors in its class, this website is not a straight translation of the English version, but a separate website with lots of relevant information specifically created for Chinese readers. The site's elegant, intuitive navigation earned extra points among our Chinese review panel.

Judges were impressed with the comprehensive attorney biographies written in Chinese and the availability of Chinese language PDF documents that can be downloaded for off line distribution. Morrison & Forester's website boasts plenty of useful functionality including the ability to perform seamless content searches in Chinese.

The firm also has an excellent Japanese language version of its website and was a top contender for that award. Morrison & Forester's site on the Israeli high-tech industry is the only Hebrew site we found at a large U.S. law firm.


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