Global Law Firm Award - Arabic  


Winner: Fayad & Associates

When it comes to Arabic language content offered by a U.S. law firm, Fayad & Associates easily took this year's award. With all Arabic content on one scrolling page, this visually pleasing and uncluttered website provides Arabic readers content pertinent to the firm's immigration practice. Fayad & Associates received uniformly high marks for its overall content, relevance to target audience, use of language and ease of navigation. The site provides Arabic visitors with concise, valuable information on immigration law and related links to other websites.

Using a single country flag (in this case Lebanon) to communicate availability of Arabic language material is somewhat problematic. Arabic is spoken by an estimated 200 million people worldwide and is the official language in some 15 countries. We might suggest using Arabic wording or another designation instead of the flag of one nation to let viewers know about foreign language content.

Fayad & Associates also receives special mention for offering excellent, but slightly scaled-down versions of its website in Russian and Spanish making it the only U.S. law firm site we reviewed with this combination of languages. This might be a boutique firm, but this smart website gives it an impressive reach and foreign language marketing capability unmatched even by most of the largest law firms in the country.


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